Monday, 8 April 2013

MCX Gold Silver Tips / Free MCX Crude Tips / MCX Copper Trading Tips / MCX Daily Tips / MCX Tips Expert News for 08th Apr 2013


MCX Gold

MCX Gold seems positive for the day. Support expected around 29580 & 29480; intraday resistance can be seen near 29760 & 29880. Day traders are advised to buy around 29580 with SL 29480, for the target of 29760 & 29880.

MCX Silver

MCX Silver seems positive for the day. Support expected around 50800 & 50200; intraday resistance can be seen near 51700 & 52200. Day traders are advised to sell around 50800 with SL 50200, for the target of 51700 & 52200.


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    RES 1: 29300
    RES 2: 29500
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    BUY LEAD (DEC.) ABOVE 143.50 TG-144.00/144.60/145.30 SL-142.90.
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  8. Investors are exiting the gold market on speculation that signs of sustained U.S. economic growth will push the Federal Reserve closer to raising interest rates,
    cutting demand for bullion as an inflation hedge.
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