Friday, 8 March 2013

MCX Gold Silver Tips / Free MCX Crude Tips / MCX Copper Trading Tips / MCX Daily Tips / MCX Tips Expert News for 8th Mar 2013

MCX GOLD Weekly Technical Trend

MCX GOLD, last week showed a negatively slope movement & gave a level of 30000 as well as foundd support around 29250. 29100 act as strong support were as below this 28750 found next support. 30000 will act as resistance for it.


In MCX GOLD it is adviseable to buy above 30000 for the target of 30500-30700 with SL 29500.

MCX SILVER Weekly Technical Trend

MCX SILVER, last week showed a positive movement and found support level of 53000.If this movement continues it may found support around 51700. 55300 will act as resistance for it.


IN MCX SILVER it is adviseable to sell below 53000 for the target of 51700 with SL 54500.

MCX CRUDE OIL Technical Trend

MCX CRUDE OIL, last week showed bear movements, which is a bearish indicator. If it stands below 5040 then it move towards 4970. 5140-5185 will act as resistance if any correction may test.


In MCX CRUDE OIL, it is adviseable to sell below 5040 for the target of 5000-4975 with SL 5105.

MCX COPPER Technical Trend

MCX COPPER, it showed a bear movement. Support found around 417 crossing which 409 is considered to be as next support. Resistance can be seen around 432.


In MCX COPPER, it is adviseable to sell below 421 with SL of 428 for the target of 415-410.

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