Friday, 8 February 2013

MCX Gold Silver Tips / Free MCX Crude Tips / MCX Copper Trading Tips / MCX Daily Tips / MCX Tips Expert News for 8th Feb 2013

Bullion :

MCX Gold  Day traders are advised to buy around 30800 with SL below 30700, for the target of 30950.

MCX Silver Day traders are advised to buy around 58200 with SL below 57800, for the target of 59200.

Base Metal:

MCX Copper Day traders are advised to buy around 443 with SL below 440, for the target of 447.

MCX Lead Day traders are advised to buy around  129 with SL below 128 , for the target of 131.

Energy :

MCX Natural Gas Day traders are advised to sell around 177 with SL below 180 for the target of 171.

MCX Crude oil Day traders are advised to buy around 5150 with SL below 5090, for the target of 5220.

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