Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MCX Gold Silver Tips / Free MCX Crude Tips / MCX Copper Trading Tips / MCX Daily Tips / MCX Tips Expert News for 30th Jan 2013

Bullion :

MCX Gold seems negative for the day. Support expected around 30220 & 30100; intraday resistance can be seen near 30330 & 30440. Day traders are advised to sell around 30330 with SL 30440, for the target of 30220 & 30100

MCX Silver seems slightly negative for the day. Support expected around 57600 & 57100; intraday resistance can be seen near 58200 & 58700. Day traders are advised to buy sell around 58200 with SL 58700, for the target of 57600 & 57100.

Base Metal:

MCX Copper seems slightly positive the day. Support expected around 435 & 432 intraday resistance can be seen near 439 & 442. Day traders are advised to buy around 435 with SL 432 for the target of 439 & 442.

Energy :

MCX Natural Gas seems negative the day. Support expected around 173 & 170 intraday resistance can be seen near 177 & 180. Day traders are advised to sell around 177 with SL 180 for the target of 173 & 170.

MCX Crude oil seems slightly positive for the day. Support expected around 5210 & 5160; intraday resistance can be seen near 5260 & 5310. Day traders are advised to buy around 5210 with SL 5160, for the target of 5260 & 5310.

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