Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tips for Today

Go for Sell in MCX Gold around 31400 levels with a stop loss placed above 31750 levels for targets of 30960 and 30620 levels.

Go For sell in MCX Silver around 62450 levels with a stop loss placed above 63100 levels for targets of 61350 and 60130 levels.

MCX Crude Oil Live Updates:- MCX Crude oil is trading on the downside in the domestic commodity market MCX. NYMEX crude oil prices on the international market has fallen to $ 92. Brent Crude oil is also seeing a selling pressure which in turn has impacted the crude oil in the domestic market. Live price of MCX Crude oil is 4900.

International market is falling strongly in gold and silver. At Comex gold dropped by around .70 percent and Currently trading at around $1755 at Comex while the silver faced the same amount of fall and is at $34 per ounce. Gold in the domestic market (MCX) on Monday closed at 31798 after a drop of 0.26 percent.


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